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  • What is Activate Breathwork?

    Activate Breathwork is a life transformational system. Created and self tested by Martin McNicholl, this guided multi-sensory experience takes the participant on a deep journey to their true inner being, allowing the potential for profound transformations and awakening insight. It has been called by some the most powerful transformational work they have ever tried.


    This unique modality draws upon many elements of ancient and modern work that have been condensed, activated and refined to make this an all encompassing and powerful tool of self healing for anyone who is willing.

  • Alice irving has a blissful experience at a hotel hidden away in hills above algarve

    "A wave of relaxation swept over me, and I felt I was on the way to experiencing the changes Martin and Elisangela wanted me to feel. I watched as others rose to their feet unreservedly overwhelmed. For everyone, something had shifted. We had certainly reached a euphoric state of being. Mental blockages had been cleared unleashing a powerful transformation"

  • How Activate Breathwork Changed my life!

    Free MP3 download including my transformation story and two meditations

  • We Are Activators

    These are our stories...

    Starr Smythe

    Washington U.S.A.


    Zach Evans

    North Carolina USA

    "It Changed My Life"

    Jacob Melaard



  • Ana Palma

    Sound Healer - Dubai

    "...the most extraordinary experience I have ever had in my entire life..."


    Centre Owner - Prague

    "...was one of the deepest meditational and spiritual experiences in my life ever..."


    Yoga Teacher trainer

    Absolutely incredible, like nothing else I have experienced in my life thus far!​

  • Martins live coaching videos here

    I tackle any and all subjects with a practical and down to earth manner.

  • 30 day Online Retreat Activate Your Life

    30 day online retreat to Activate your life from the comfort of your own home. Change your life in 30 days or less.


    We will share all the practices and techniques that we use daily to empower you and realise all your potential. Practice in your own time anytime.


    Register NOW and get access to our AMAZING private Facebook group with live Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Cooking and group support.


    For More details CLICK HERE

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    We Would Love To See You In Person...Until Then...





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