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    Starr Smythe Washington U.S.A.

    Starr took part in one Activate Breathwork session in India and uncovered and released a trauma that she didn't know was there before.

    Zach From North Carolina USA

    Zach has experienced group and private Activate Breathwork sessions and is curently training to be a practicioner.

    Jacob Melaard Life Coach And Trainer

    Jacob Describing A Private Session Of Activate Breathwork

    Cezar From Miami U.S.A.

    Activate Breathwork India

    Cezar From Miami U.S.A.

    Activate Breathwork India

  • "...the most extraordinary experience I have ever had in my entire life..."

    Ana - Sound healer - Portugal

  • "...I felt connected to pure love energy, with a high vibration in my heart centre..."

    Renato - Sound Healer Brazil

  • Activate Breathwork gave me a very special moment in my life​

    Caca - Dubai

  • Activate Breathwork took me to another Dimension.

    Alex - Dubai

  • "...the most extraordinary experience I have ever had in my entire life..."

    Ana - Sound healer - Portugal

  • "It was absolutely mind blowing.."

    Jacob - Dubai

  • "...was one of the deepest

    meditational and spiritual

    experiences in my life ever..."

    Chrisantem Macháček - Ladírna - Czech Republic

  • Ayahuasca did a

    good job but

    this is sooo

    much better​

    Vöitekk Walk - Prague

  • Absolutely incredible,

    like nothing else

    I have experienced

    in my life thus far!​

    Taryn - Australia

  • “It was such a powerful and profound healing session”

    Sue - Spain

  • "one of the best experiences of my life"

    Mark - Ireland

  • Activate Spiral Energy was

    "...the most magical soulful and powerful therapy of my life"

    Izabela Marília Photographer, Model Dubai

  • "my life seems to have taken on a whole new meaning on many levels"

    Valerie - Derry Ireland

  • "...you'll get a revolutionary look at the world, flow and deepen the conversation about life..."

    Eda Gungor Spiritual Entrepreneur Life 'n One - Dubai

  • Its something beyond what words can express, try it at least once and you will love it for a lifetime

    Hafis - India

  • Testimonials

    Previously Activated

    Vöitekk Walk - Prague

    Ayahuasca did a good job but this is sooo much better

    Activate Breathwork was a life changing experience for me.

    Ayahuasca did a good job but this is sooo much better, easy and brings much more other benefits like extra energy, detoxification, body healing, simply whatever you wish and believe

    Taryn - Yoga Teacher Trainer - India

    Absolutely incredible, like nothing else I have experienced in my life thus far!

    Travelling the world on a spiritual picnic as I run yoga teacher training, I thought I had seen a lot of what is to offer when incorporating Breathwork and meditation, however Martin & Elis at Activate Breathwork take it to a completely new level. Their engaging facilitation of the workshops and ability to take people to another headspace is phenomenal. Without giving any of the excitement of these sessions away, I can honestly say this is up there with one of the most amazing spiritual experiences of my life! Many thanks to you guys!

    Alana - Australia

    This was an absolutely life changing experience. It helped me to let go of negative, limiting beliefs and change my whole attitude.

    I got so much out of this, and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to give it a go! I will definitely be doing more of it in the future. Thanks guys!

    Kabul Blogger - Dubai

    The sensation was surreal. I had never experienced anything like that self-induced



    I confess, I do not take any sort of intoxicants be it drugs or alcohol nor have I ever needed to. This was something else. A spiritual high and I reviled in it. To be in spiritual ecstasy and be in tune with a sacred religious place close to my heart. This was something. It was bliss

    Kady - New Zealand

    "Participating in activate breathwork was an incredible experience. I would have never believed before that I could have an out of body experience without Marty and Elis' session in Dharamsala, India.

    For all those curious or unsure of taking part in this unique experience I say go for it and experience for yourself. You may go through extreme sadness, anger, happiness but you will be able release emotions and overcome obstacles. I look forward to another session and another journey where I’ll bring others along to experience for themselves! <3 <3 <3

    Katie - U.K.

    …it is incredibly inspiring to know that Activate Breathwork are creating safe spaces around the world to enable people to experience these essential emotional releases.

    It is like a gym for the emotions and after the workshop I felt tired but refreshed,

    just like I do after a strenuous yoga class.

    And amazingly the positive effects of the session stayed with me for a full week…”

    Lucy - Dubai

    This has got to be the single most powerful breathing/meditation i have EVER done!


    I was talked in to trying Activate Breathwork.. I guess i thought it was 'just another meditation' or 'another breathing technique'
    I was so wrong! This has got to be the single most powerful breathing/meditation i have EVER done! (and i have tried MANY!)
    I am now kicking myself for not trying it sooner! ('the right timing i guess'!)
    I could talk all day about the experiences i had in these sessions and not run out of things to say or get bored of talking about it. In VERY short.. I never want the sessions to end. and so i will keep going back every week! I have seen and understood things that go far beyond the imagination or limited human perception. I feel and experience things in my body that i have never experienced before and cannot find any words that can describe it well enough.
    This is the kind of stuff we should have all been taught since school.
    A few sessions could change us as individuals (for the better) and if everyone on our planet did it often enough, i fully believe we would all come back to our true essence and it would not only change our outlook, understanding and behaviours towards each other.. but it could fundamentally change the world as a result!
    TRY IT - i am confident that you will come away with something amazing to share i am sure!

    Laura - Ireland

    "A truly amazing and very special experience"

  • Activated Partners

    The Best Centres around the World to get Activated

    Soul Art Center

    Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Soul Art Center is located at Downtown and overlooking the majestic Burj Khalifa and the newly opened Opera House. It comprises of separate studios for art and dance. A center that’s missioned to encourage people to develop their full creative potential and express themselves without any boundaries, to ‘Inspire the artist within you’






    Sound Healing





    Lama Mardini

    Founder Soul Art Centre Dubai

    “Activate Breathwork is an amazing experience, you go on a deep journey within. Your body goes into high vibration with the breathing and the music in addition to the healing which allows you to release what doesn't serve you anymore. It’s an exceptional experience with Martin and Elis and I highly recommend it”

    House Of Healing

    Beirut - Lebanon

    Group meditations
    Reiki healing
    Energy healing
    Crystal therapy
    Tarot card





    Hasan Daouk

    MD House Of Healing

    Activate Breathwork It is an experience not to miss as it combines your five senses in a room full of positive energy. You will leave the meditation with positive thoughts and great energy to start the week. Highly recommended

    Life 'N One

    Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Life’n One is a life centre and cafe, an urban retreat and a place to revitalize your mind, body and soul.

    With the help of our well-experienced instructors and the community that we have built we strive to ensure the wellness of everyone in todays fast paced lifestyle.

    Life’n One encourages you to listen to your inner-self for guidance as to how live your life.


    Contact http://lifenone.com/

    Eda Gungor

    Founder Of Life' N One

    Martin’s steady pace and personal encouragement help his students/clients move deeper into their experience with greater awareness. Take a session and you'll get a revolutionary look at the world and flow, deepen the conversation about life, teachings on topics such as love, acceptance or spiritual recognition relate to our everyday lives. Martin provides careful and clear details; deeply relevant wisdom; and a totally firm presence; all skilfully woven together with a beautifully told story and/or spiritual truth. Myself and Life’n One community loved having Activate Breathwork and cant wait to have them again…


    Prague - Czech Republic


    Located in the centre of Prague


    Workshops, Articles, videos, books, online courses, events, more about spirituality, meditation, law of attraction and conscious life.




    Chrisantem Macháček

    Founder Ladirna

    I had opportunity to help with organisations of two Activate Breathwork sessions in October 2016 in Prague and it was great experience for me and for 30 other participants also. The session was one of the deepest meditational and spiritual experience in my life ever, thank the Universe for meeting Marty and Ellis.

    The Wellness Centre

    Limavady, Ireland

    The Wellness Centre is in the heart of Limavady. We provide a beautiful nurturing space for everyone, of all ages, to grow, develop and find peace within.






    Liz Bailie Allen


    It was absolutely amazing. The session was very unique and personal to each of us. There was a myriad of sensual and emotional release, pain, sorrow, joy, gratitude and exhilaration ... It was just amazing. Marty and Elis were wonderful facilitators, guiding and holding space for us, providing tenderness and love we each required at that moment in time. A totally unique, awesome experience which we all want to do again!! Thank you Marty and Elis, your gift is greatly appreciated and will always be remembered. We would highly recommend everyone to experience this workshop and look forward to Marty and Elis returning to our centre in 2017

    Feel retreat

    Mojacar - Spain

    A well-being retreat in Andalusia in Spain. In this beautiful, peaceful and calm space I want to help others who may be feeling stressed, in need of a re-boot, anxious, addicted or fearful. I want my guests to share the experience of inner-peace, freedom and the feeling of being good enough!


    Through blending meditation, inspirational yoga, nourishing Ayurvedic treatments and nutrition into a transformational retreat, I aim to restore you back to balance, teach you to self care and help you live a more fulfilling life.





    Sharon - Fitzpatrick

    Mojacar - Spain

    " wow what an intense , powerful and amazing experience , I really felt like I'd let go of another layer and just felt very "free" afterwards. It was great to meet Marty and Elis who are so committed and passionate about Activate Breathwork and it was a pleasure to be able to host such a great event

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