• Martin

    Mc Nicholl

    Chief Inspirational Officer


    I am the founder of Activate Breathwork and I am passionate about personal discovery, self realisation and empowerment. Originally from Ireland, my journey of self healing from several chronic health problems and a total life transformation has inspired me to help others to do the same. Through breathwork, bodywork, sound healing, meditation, diet and movement I advocate a complete holistic approach to self healing. I empower people to achieve optimum self, wealth and health and create a life long lifestyle transformation.

    • Founder of Activate Breathwork
    • Founder of Activate 5D Energy Activation
    • Meditation & Pranayama Teacher
    • Yoga Alliance Qualified Yoga Teacher

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    Contact me today about breathwork, movement, energy work, coaching and mentoring.


    I am passionate about constantly expanding, learning, and transforming myself and others in a natural, sustainable, balanced way.

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