• 5D Energy Activation

    Developed by Martin McNicholl this is a unique method of accessing higher planes of existence, energy and possibilities.


    This powerful energy activation can be received in person, online with skype or at distance.

    It uses the 3 physical dimensions of space and the 4th one of time to recreate our reality through an energetic matrix. With the use of sacred geometry and guided visualisation. It blurs the lines of physical reality to allow balance, harmony, peace and insight.


    • Mind Body And Soul Balance
    • 'Past' and 'Future' Life Navigation
    • Physical Pain And Trauma Relief
    • Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Clearing
    • Higher Self Communication
    • In Person
    • Distance Healing
    • Online

  • Sound Activation

    The sound Activation journey is a powerful transformative practice utilising vibration, shamanic practice, breathwork and movement. The participant will be guided and led on a deep self healing journey within themselves through ancient practices combined with modern wisdom. The activation of each individuals innate power and vibration is achieved in a safe relaxed and beautiful space.



    • Activation of Inner Potential
    • Activation of intuition
    • Activation of extra sensory abilities
    • Deep relaxation
    • Deep quality sleep
    • Altered states Of Consciousness
    • Clear blockages
    • Feeling of peace and wellbeing

  • Activate Bodywork

    It is a complementary therapy which works on the entire body. It is a combination of massage, meridian stimulation, sound and energy healing to enable the participant to experience full relaxation and self healing. It is a holistic healing technique for mind, body and soul.


    Activate Bodywork with Activate Breathwork

    This prepares the body,mind and soul for full relaxation before the breathwork session and allows the participant to reach much higher and more profound levels of experience.



    • Restores Balance and harmony to the whole body
    • Cleanses And Detoxifies The Body
    • Improves Energy Flow In The Body
    • Relieves Stress 
    • Builds Positive Energy And Wellbeing
    • Stimulates The Nervous System

  • Activate Spiral Energy

    Is a download I received through my personal work with universal energy. This unique method comes from the higher universal source and is channelled through my body as a spiral form. It is then grounded into Mother Earth completing the circuit.


    I combine breathwork, guided meditation, spiral energy channelling and sound vibration. This facilitates the participants journey to reach a harmonious state of mind, body and soul balance.



    • Balances the chakras and energy
    • Spiritual, emotional and physical freedom 
    • Relaxes the mind and body in a easy and fast way.

  • Movement

    Activate Movement allows the physical body to express itself in a natural and organic way encouraging the flow of energy, building strength and self healing. Using yoga, breath activated movement, eye and body exercises.


    Our team are all Yoga Alliance qualified teachers from Chandra Yoga International in India. Our Specialisms are.

    • Woga - Walking Yoga
    • Hatha
    • Ashtanga
    • Kundalini


    • Reduce Stress in the ohysical body and mind
    • Flexibility & Strenght
    • Energy Flow
    • Relieve Sleep desorders
    • Mental Performance
    • Awareness

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