• Who is Dani

    '' I believe our bodies are the most refined and sophisticated machine in this world. We just need to remember how it flows.

    I am an energy & body worker, who has found my passion - to heal myself and help others do the same through a natural and holistic approach. Having experienced a number of health issues that led me to medications, I was always questioning and reluctant to accept this way of 'healing'. Being fascinated about living as natural as possible and finding alternative ways to heal and maintain my health, I am always researching and studying holistic paths. Since we are energy and energy is all that is, we can agree that inside ourselves we have all the resources we need to live happily and get into flow with a balanced mind, healthy body and soul.

    My LIFE PURPOSE is to help you to find this balance in your life. Join me on this amazing journey called LIFE. ''


  • DANI

    Activate Breathwork Facilitator

    Hormone Yoga Instructor - Alliance certified

    Hatha-Sivananda Yoga Instructor - Alliance certified

    Sound Healing therapist

    Reiki Teacher


    Languages - English, Spanish & Portuguese

  • " I felt so protected and comfy, there was just love and joy

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